Red headed Scottish schoolgirl. Cruise ship on the loch. Loch Lomond.

A grab shot. I just turned and fired. It was a worthy shot. We will never meet again. It’s street photography.

“Street photography at its essence means candid photography of humanity. A street photograph is a real moment. The genre is both about the photographer and their …”

Lighting as seen on the cruise ship is special occurring infrequently usually toward the beginning or end of the day when the background is in shadow. This lighting is warm. The subject stands out. It’s not a particularly outstanding subject but it is enhanced by the lighting. No complaint from me. Considering the location, I was in a pretty well known place. Eh? …. take the high road….

Consider that my audience is small, we will never meet again, there is not much worry about your anonymity being preserved. Stay warm.

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