Vanilla. My previous shots of the passionflower were straight on vertical macro shots. I got a different view. Yay! I’m working. I’m reinventing myself. I am searching for something a bit different. It’s never too late to change. Technically good but same and albeit boring. We’ve seen it before. No problem. I did this for a couple years now. Catalog worthy images for the flower book.

It’s work in progress. For this image I was standing below the blossom. It was blooming on the deck above me. So, this was a low angle shot and landed me with a different composition than ordinary. It almost appears that the blossom was cut into two. Nope. Just a different view. Okay!

Great shot

Sure, sisters. But I do not find them together often. Hence, it is a rare time to get them in the same image together. I only got a few frames and did not get to work the scene to get a better pose.

The focus is sharp. The lighting is good. I would have liked a lower angle of view. But they moved before I could get down lower. Still, it’s a striking photo that jumped out as I edited.

U pick

I’m in a rut. Macro flower pics are merging into one another. I need to break out of the routine shots. Face on flowers – it’s like anatomy lessons. Create. Creative. Change things up. Do something different. Art. It’s not science. It’s not clinical. Get a different viewpoint. See it! Don’t just document it. My bad. I have been in this technical loop for a couple years now. It’s nice. But it ain’t art. Think outside the box. Message: to myself for myself! Gee! Duh! Wake up!

Ummm….a slight curve, spray the flowers. Mist. It’s different. Same view but different texture. I would say focus is a key. Sharpness is good. The whole bloom is boring. Now, to break out of this tendency to just document another blossom in the garden.

Okay! … working on it. Macro changed things for me. It allowed me to focus on fine detail. But there is a lot of work to make composition more interesting. For now it has been simple anatomy lessons, a catalog, ..boring.


Cute!! It’s worth a double exclamation! Walter, the cat was one of three that came for kitten tryouts. Unusual! Usually, you don’t get to tryout a kitten. But, long story short, Walter was here on tryout to see if he was compatible with Nutley and to see if he could break Nutley out of the doldrums. Cute! Nope, failed!

Low light. I have my cameras set to auto ISO. After you get blurred shots in low light, auto ISO saves you many a time. The camera keeps the shutter fast enough to avoid blur from a slow shutter speed. Yes, “noise” in your image is the tradeoff. No, I don’t notice it enough to be bothered. It is worth the shot you get. Sharp, not blurred. Ok!


Hmmmm…. back in 2011…. At least that is what my file says. … in the days before selfies. My cousin scored a set of passes to the chocolate show. Free samples!! I kid you not! No no! you don’t get to taste the underwear. It was a display to show how chocolate can be molded as you like into anything you might like. Cousins and generations, we were there. I estimate I sampled my way around the show eating about two pounds of chocolate that afternoon. And then, we went out to eat dinner.

Lighting for the group shots could have been better. You sometimes settle for what you get. Overhead light gives harsh eye shadows. Backlighting is not good. Fluorescent lighting has poor color characteristics. Ahem, the lighting was not so good as the chocolate was fun.


Great beauty. I see It from my window on some days. It’s a gut feeling that comes from deep down somewhere. I am humbled to see such a sight and to witness nature in its glory. Have I gotten that across to you?

Digital cameras – are there film ones left? – can still be fooled by a scene. They will under or over expose the scene in low light such as dawn. My trick is to meter down at the horizon. It lowers the exposure to enhance the rich orange and reds of the dawn sky. Pointing upward gives too little exposure. And the camera cannot focus. There are no sharp lines. So pointing the focus at the tree line gives an edge for the camera to focus. It is a matter of bending the camera software to your need. Meanwhile I did not have to waste time switching to manual mode.


It used to be that advertising had some truth. Who? Politics? State your party. Democrat or Republican. There are two. There is a smattering of others like independent, but there are two major parties. Anyway, wouldn’t you like an affiliation stated? Or is it just name recognition? It is too incendiary to state party? Ah! The times we live in.

Shooting from the car is tricky. Colleen hates it when I do. I can dance and chew gum. I can drive and think and shoot my camera.


I’m about as surprised as you. Not surprised at you, but surprised to see this image. Yeah, yeah, I took it. But actually…. we were stopped in traffic and I was trying to read the sign behind the woman in the bus shelter. We could not make out what was being advertised. I don’t think we are more informed now. I shot the image to enlarge so as to read the print better. The woman stubbornly stood in front of the sign and did not budge. She was just standin’ there… but I guess she moved as I pressed the shutter. A moment later traffic was moving and I did not see this shot until the next morning. Funny! She wuz looking for her bus. I wuz looking at the sign. I’m not sure that either of us were happy. Nice scowl, lady.