Hey! A call for contributions. Wonder what to do with an image, that’s not quite right. Want to get better. Free lessons? Send me an image. I’m Victor Ho at:

December 2012 – In the time that I have been running posts, there have been no takers from the general blog world. The readership is passive and I have pressed photos into posts that have been sent to me from friends and family. To all who reluctantly participated and to all who read the posts – thank you.


There you will find pictures that I have taken and a story about the circumstances. Here on photocritical, you the reader are welcome to contribute.

Earlier sometime in 2011:  This blog requests reader contributions. I am often asked to explain photography and so here I would like to offer a critique of your photo. You need to upload to me via email and I will try to give an opinion. Please include information about camera, camera settings, and a description of where and when your photo was taken. It would also help to tell me your level of photo experience.

My opinions are meant to be constructive.  If you want my opinion and can stand the exposure, I will be happy to make observations about your work. I hope to develop a catalog of information and reference for photographic technique. Submissions by email please. Consider it free lessons.

Remember, its about learning, technique, and improvement.

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