Before Colleen – After Colleen

The big difference – she gets to see (some) of the pictures. I blog therefore she reads (sees).

There was a time when I shot slides and then the undeveloped roll sat for about six months till I accumulated enough to warrant a massive developing session. I developed my own… no one saw the slides. A projector was too much work to take out, setup…

Digital? Instant access, almost instant download…. And blog posting… How modern?!!

The good news when doing things over again?… don’t make the same mistake twice! Good advice. Who thought of that? And to be sure – take lots of pictures of/with the one you love!

Grumpy? Who’s grumpy!!?


You travel your mind and eye are on overdrive searching and seeking the perfect photo op. People, dogs, and objects are all fair game. Camera in hand and at the ready… click.

Timing is critical. Get the shot. It lasts but a moment. And be sure to compose the subject in a way to compliment. A fraction of a second, a memory captured forever.

On a roll

Ok. Not roll. Ha. Croissant?

I get laughs. I get laughed at. People make fun. Ok. I don’t care.

I get shots in a restaurant. I shoot food. And… I shoot us. Usually, I get a shot right after we sit and get a drink…

Vertical vs horizontal – the way the picture is oriented – we all shoot mostly horizonal? Do you? I see a lot of vertical iPhone shots. Maybe things are vertical? Does it matter? Things less common tend to stand out…? As I have said and say – don’t overthink it. But, I do… shoot mostly horizontal.

Ok, so not a restaurant.


We all experience doubt. Colleen did. She knew I was married. I was her kryptonite. She stayed away. … claustrophobic too. I never did have qualms about my feeling for her. I don’t try to overthink. It felt right. Still does. No doubt.

Vertical images drive me crazy. In the post with horizontal shots the “cropping” is automatic and arbitrary. I make do. Sometimes it is less than ideal. No doubt it is why I use few vertical framed pictures.

I find it interesting that most iPhone shots are vertical. It comes from how you hold your phone. Ha ha.


I got it wrong. I told everyone that Dave is traveling with a single backpack. Wrong! It is a backpack and a carry on. All his worldly belongings plus his laptop. One pair of underwear… he’s wearing the other. Wow! We travel with Colleen’s pillow. Yes, the pillow is stuffed into our carry on! Minimalist we are not! I love her – Colleen – to pieces! So, this should in no way be construed as criticism. “Sigh!?” My point? Ready to go – means different things to different people.

Ah! iPhone! It takes good pics. … as good as my camera. And it gets the idea and notion across whatever you are seeking to remember. Ok! We agree to disagree. I am keeping my camera(s).

Note: When you put all that weight on the back tire, you get flats – a lot. Dave told me.


Most of my writing occurs early in the morning before Colleen arises. … no implication here.

Periodically we get box turtles wandering thru our yard. Ok! Photo op! Lately, Mike comes and gets them. He and Jen have a small enclosed fountain in their backyard – a perfect sanctuary for turtles who have lost their way. They even named one after me. Of course! Alas, it has gone – back in the wild, returned to nature. Good luck, Victor.

Low angle. Get down with the subject. As with all animals I try for good focus on the eyes. Keep in mind the lighting is muted. Good exposure?! And get in close to avoid distracting background etc. Easy!

One shot

One shot. What would it be? What should it be? Quality? Importance?

By now you have a sense of my warped humor. Eh?

Cleaning. Atypical. Unusual. We don’t do it much. Sorry mom. We are not minimalists. Clutter! It consumes us until the summer crowd has set a date for arrival. Cleaning! For the first time in a long time I see the table tops. The floor is clear for people to walk thru and to stand. The view, this view, comes to you because I am on the stairs testing the tripod and camera for the proper setup and angle for a group shot to happen later on. Yes, I’d say there is a lot going on in this picture. It’s a rare moment behind the scene before the show starts.


Here’s where photography and photojournalism meet. Catch a picture of two sheep. No context and they can be anywhere. Or, get the road, you loose the closeup and the “whites” of their eyes. We thought it was fun to be driving along and the sheep were free to be anywhere even in the middle of the road. Lucky for us, the grass is greener by the side. Which brings to mind, “Why did the sheep cross the road?” And I got one more question. Is it one sheep, two sheep? Do Scotish sheep have a brogue?


It’s all in the timing. You are there or you are not. There is no do over. You get it? You got it? Or, you missed.

I caught a red winged black bird on the wing. Great! It ain’t the nature program, Blue Planet image of graceful imagery. But I got an amateur picture which I challenge you to do. It’s not easy getting a bird on the wing. Or, perhaps a cat yawning. I got plenty of cat pictures. Less than one percent are yawns. I suppose someone out there has a trick to make cats yawn…