In goes the bad air…

… out comes the good air. No No No. You got it backwards as Colleen would admonish… It was a line from the Little Rascals series. Ha ha.

Snap shot, beach, Canon G7. Point and shoot, grab shot. Not too good a shot by my own ready criticism. There will be a real sentence here, eventually. Beach replenishment. Shhhh!!! It is the biggest (secret) waste of money (millions)!!! The beach washes away with big Nor’easter storms that batter the coast. Technically, we are below sea level. The gov’t comes in and puts it back. How? They pump sand from a mile out to sea onto the beach again. We may lose 10 feet or more. That is right! More than 10 feet deep sand/beach washed out to sea only to have our dear gov’t put is all back. Nuts! Not only that, children are starving. Shhhh! I live at the beach. We want a beach. It is still nuts! “Catch 22.”

One click

One click. One before and one after… it’s but a moment. Seconds. Five seconds between three shots. I am seeking the best shot. I will edit later. For now, shoot early and shoot often. Does it work? Are they all worthy? Edit? Does it mean to discard bad shots? Does it matter? Hard drive memory is pretty much infinite. But cluttered! Discard and it’s easier to find good images later. Did you mistakenly discard an image that on the “next look” was one that should have been kept? Go ahead make yourself crazy. Meanwhile, I shoot early and often and keep all. There is less anxiety. Edit? I rate my images with stars and look at the “2’s” and upward.

Over the top

Street photography. You shoot what you see. I was shy. I did not get the real shot… the front on over the top shot. I saw it. But the camera and I were simply not in position. So I describe it… alas! Colleen giggled. Even she was taken aback! Security in a museum! Maybe in a club? Nope! Museum security. Are you hoping to be noticed? Do you care? I do not know. We (Colleen) both got a laugh. I regret I did not get the definitive illustration for this post. Yes, there is much to be critical. Um… “girl, does your mom know what you wore to work today?”


I could use one right about now. Yup. Schmaltzy! Nothing wrong with that! I only wish I had it too. ?! And, I do! So, it makes me smile. It’s not a good pic… it’s a great pic! It illustrates perfectly my point. ? Is there a point? Yes, I bet this made you smile too.

Critical? Well, the pose is not flattering. But the point was to make me smile in finding it among all the other ones I did not choose to post today. It works for me!

Must be…

… a parade or some‘in. Don’t mess with mama. Once again, street photography. Ok ok! A boardwalk. And the bikini is none too flattering. Or, maybe… Bored? Me? I shot what I saw. The bikini made me pause. I am not curious enough to see the date or place to discern what the context might be. I would guess it was our Labor Day parade. I just got to say, “Does your mother know what you wore outside today?”

Free. Freedom?

Title?? Digital is free. At least it seems virtually nearly free because storage is so inexpensive. Film cost $$.

So, I shoot multiple images. Click, click, click. Free. Surely, one image will be the “one.” Indeed there are plenty of images with focus issues and so forth. More images insure success?! Not really. But, I still like to think so. So many of my old slides are not quite good enough. It is what I have. No backs. So, I shoot camera, not iPhone, and I shoot early and often.

I fear my argument falls upon deaf ears. The vast majority of images out in the world were/are iPhone not camera. It’s progress. Better? I know I can do better with camera than phone.


I guess I was doing street photography early on before I recognized the term. We were on a tour. My mother had worked for Pan Am and got employee ticket discount and a tour. We went as a family and were in Japan. Riding in the tour bus I glanced out the window and raised my camera to catch this slide. Yeah, right in the middle of traffic… you know, women put on makeup, and…. It struck me odd then, and it makes me smile now.


What are the odds? We attended a St Pat’s parade and across the street was an Irish bar. Ha ha. Who’d have thunk? We wandered into town into this parade. It was small short and lame as parades go. There was no lack of enthusiasm and spirit. Everyone is Irish on this day. Yes, we even saw a red headed Irish child!

Parades. It’s all about position. A zoom lens is pretty much a necessity. And bring along a big smile.