United Nations

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/30 sec, f 3.5, focal length 11

Here’s a wide angle shot. Note the distortion at the edges. The roofline on the right has an upward curve. In the center the perspective lines appear straight. There is so much play between the wide angle and perspective it’s hard to be critical of the technical aspect of this image. The exposure is a little dark in the foreground. Shooting wide angle is an art and the effect is something more abstract. In real life we see parallel lines because our brain processes the image with our knowledge of reality. The camera image shows the reality as it exists. The wide angle images tend to have too much sky and lend themselves better to a panorama type image. To get away from this, often advantage is taken to emphasize some object in the foreground, a rock, flower, or automobile. This technique lends more depth of field to the image. In this image, the battle is with perspective, which is distorted and more noticeable. As long as this is what you set out to do, this is ok. Cousin David also got a great soft golden hour (evening sunset) light on the building. You can see a sliver of sunset in the center base of the building. I know this because the UN faces to the west and the sun is setting from there.

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