Happy Anniversary

This is deeply disturbing to some folks – on many levels. (our) Happiness is obvious. Some folks wish it weren’t the case. Life is always complicated. They have come to terms… or at least are holding peace forever more as the vows say. We are happy. Can you believe it? We married before the pandemic hit. That’s a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of history, and much to ponder. We are deeply thankful all of our loved ones are ok.

So much has changed. And, so much remains the same. I feel so fortunate. Just when you think everything is alright… So far so good. It’s all good, right? It has been that “best” dream ever, that you don’t ever want to wake from. I dream a lot. This have been the best. Ever!! Happy Anniversary, dear.

Who took this? Was it with my remote? Or, did one of our small group trip the shutter? No matter. The image conveys the sentiment of the moment. A camera set on ‘auto’ everything comes to our rescue and captures the moment. Just aim and fire.

Happy New Year

Back in 2017, we attended a wedding for my cousin. They got us as we danced. I do not remember who took the picture or how I got this copy. Nonetheless it is quintessential. On many levels it reflects the profound good fortune and circumstances for us to have met so much later in life. Colleen was a good sport. She never once mentioned the fact that we were not married, yet. For sure there were hidden insecurities and a feeling of not being quite settled. As usual I was tone deaf. This all became apparent some time later. And, it has since been corrected.

It’s slightly overexposed. Flash will do that to you in a darkened contrasty situation.

If only

… I knew then… what I know now. Hey! Experience and knowledge help! Arrogance, ego, and confidence go a long way. Stupidity is/was abundant. Well, I got rooked into agreeing to shoot a wedding. I have shot weddings. I have never been paid. I am not a professional nor do I aspire to the role. Let’s go with the thought that even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.

I shot the wedding rehearsal, the wedding, the reception and so forth. I had a vague dim understanding of what it took to document the day as a photojournalist style wedding shoot.

The wedding shoot went well enough. I was joined by another relative of the family. I’m not a bad (photographer). But… not good (great) either, well, certainly not a professional wedding photographer. Pushing (directing) people around is not my forte. Nonetheless I was in the right place often enough to bring off a credible set of wedding shots. Free! Hmmmm? Nary a compensation other than a grateful “thank you” from the groom’s mom… and dad.

The wedding ceremony was in a gazebo in the shade. Lighting?! Flash?! And the post ceremony family shots were in bright sunlight. Oh no! Contrast and shadows?!

Equipment? I was woefully under-equipped. I used a Nikon D70, hardly a professional body. Flash?!! I coulda (so!!) done much better. I only wish I knew then what I know now! You catch my drift? Meanwhile, the price was right and the job was done. I was satisfied that I had ticked all the boxes I wanted as a wedding photographer. I did not quit my day job as a neurosurgeon for a number of years. That was good too. Ya gotta start somewhere, and, I stuck with surgery.

Sorry, Susan. She was offended with the original photo to this post. I changed it. She may otherwise object. But my comments stand as truth. I am not now nor have I ever been a wedding photographer except in the strictly amateur sense. My comments stand. I assume the bride is still married to her son. Not hearing from Susan in so long I am and was surprised she is still following my blog. Did she miss yesterday? – another wedding of one of her (the only) other kids.

As to this photo: it’s always tough in bright sun to shoot a decent portrait. Flash would have evened the light so that the eyes were not in shadow. High contrast works on young people and young skin. Wrinkles and flaws are much more noticeable with harsh shadows.

So, I shot a wedding

With yesterday’s preamble I was persuaded to shoot a wedding. I used print film. Digital images were sprinkled in. I am pretty much exclusively a slide film user. But as the supplemental photographer and photojournalist for the day…. My shots were solid and I did document the day. I suppose I was an annoying “uncle Bob” for the real wedding photographer. Nonetheless I had full access and did my best. What did I know? – a whole lot less than I do now. Ha ha. Ego and arrogance? Nah! Not an ounce in me! Confidence?! Well, there was a real professional wedding photographer in attendance. I got my share of unique candids. And I was annoyingly shooting over the professional’s shoulder. Little did I understand about undercutting her revenue stream.

Later on – a year or so – I shot Susan’s son’s second wedding as the primary co-photographer. She went cheap. No more extra $$ on professionals. Susan used me and a cousin to do the job.