We laughed. Neither Colleen nor myself prefer pink. Spring again and the trees are in bloom. It reminds me that we agreed to travel to DC to see the cherry blossoms this year. Striking! Pink trees blossom all around us in the neighborhood, roadside, and parks. It is like a smell. After a few moments you don’t notice it as much. Pink is all around us. Get a good shot. A definitive shot? Something to remember? There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Pink. On this day I got a shot…


… you know, the stuff you steal a kiss from your beloved at Christmas. I have never seen it. We had some plastic stuff that masqueraded… But, no, it grows in trees. It is more obvious in the winter when the leaves of the tree are not obscuring our view. Colleen got this as I stopped by a busy roadside. Oh, the pressure! She did it. Nice job!

Rope swing

This sits heavily in my heart. We had a house on Long Island with big trees. And from one tree we hung a swing. The kids were little and swung and played and …. It was worth many a happy moment and photo op. One day Lisa had the tree trimmers come to … trim. They were never to cut down branches… which they did. The swing was gone. No one ever mentioned the swing again. I never spoke to the kids or to Lisa about it. We regretted the loss. Of course! But oddly, we have never spoken about that swing again. Even now, to look at the picture brings pangs of regret. But, you can’t go back. And so what was the point of ever mentioning the loss?

Image or story? Today it is the story. I miss that swing. I miss the child on that swing. She’s grown up and has kids of her own. I should be very happy about all that.