Sunset, the hard way

Dinner out. We had a view of a lighthouse. I’m looking east. Ha, so is the camera…. And there in the windows, sunset is happening. Nice! I got no view. But I got window reflections. So make do. I did. It’s not something I see everyday. The camera metered accurately enough. The houses were a long way in the distance. And I was shooting thru the glass window of the restaurant. So, for many reasons. This shot should not have worked.

Remote control

Hardly. Front back? Confused?

Sunset. Driving east. It’s in my rear view mirror. No, I did not shoot this while driving at 70mph. Folly. Instead, I handed the camera to Colleen. She did a great job! Not quite perfect, but then again, there is an image to talk about.

You need to focus. Ha! Low light near dark, it’s pretty impossible to do. I would have manually focused. Colleen does not know what to turn for manual focus. She did a very passable job.

Going forward, yes, somehow we followed the road around a curve and were traveling west…. I got a couple shots through the front window. Ok! But the point?! Colleen shot through the passenger side mirror – objects in this mirror may be closer….


Today’s challenge – shooting the sunset from a moving car when that picturesque sunset is behind you. Of course, stopping the car is not an option. I should have… stopped. Colleen took the camera. She shot at the rear mirror. Nice! Not quite focused… but certainly passable. She does not get the concept of manual focus. Considering that there were no lessons, she did a very nice job. It was actually well composed and conveyed the idea very well. Me? Out the front windshield… the challenge is getting a sharp image while moving at 70mph in low light. The camera compensated by boosting ISO automatically. My presets in ‘program’ are set to boost ISO in low light. Film could never do that. But it’s digital! Ah! I love science when it works!


Test. Limits. I test mine all the time. I test the camera all the time. Sunsets, the moon, they test the algorithm of the camera manufacturer in low light conditions. You pick you choose you shoot. Sometimes you win and sometimes not.

Detail, color, focus, all are factored in to make the image of my imagination. Then we see whether or not the camera was up to the test. In doing so there are compromises and choices to be made. Post processing can only get you so far. The idea, “I’ll fix it later in Photoshop.” is so wrong on so many levels.


We are on the road. Yes, driving at (xx) speed. I take what I can get. We don’t stop. No time? Lazy? Not spectacular enough? Eh? The clouds all afternoon were spectacular. I was bedeviled by the telephone poles and wires that obscured my view. Finally! As we crossed one bridge the clouds over another were in view. No matter that my foreground had bridge and a car included. Hey! What you do you want from a one handed no look photo through the car window?

I coulda done better. The camera set on automatic did pretty good bidding for me.