I am partly obsessive. … not as bad as Colleen. I worry about ‘category’ and ‘tag’ for my post. It’s kind of like – did I leave something out, forget some tag??

It matters not. It is about the pictures. Who looks at tags and category anyway? So I remind myself not to “overthink.” They are both daffodils in the narcissus family with one being called a jonquil….oh bother!

Get level. Move the camera downward to get the bud even with the lens. Shooting from above is the natural angle. We are taller than the subject. It is more dramatic to look your subject straight into the eyes.


We laughed. Neither Colleen nor myself prefer pink. Spring again and the trees are in bloom. It reminds me that we agreed to travel to DC to see the cherry blossoms this year. Striking! Pink trees blossom all around us in the neighborhood, roadside, and parks. It is like a smell. After a few moments you don’t notice it as much. Pink is all around us. Get a good shot. A definitive shot? Something to remember? There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Pink. On this day I got a shot…

Spring green

It’s Colleen’s favorite color. Spring green. Once a year, the promise of the new year…

I admit I did not stop the car. …to much go, we were on the way somewhere. No time… to smell the roses. Alas! The color is unmistakable. I know what Colleen talks about. But there were things to do and places to go. I wish…

Aside from the distinct defining color there is the contrast of the white fence and the composition which make this a nice shot. I cannot say great. I took it thru the windshield of a speeding car. Everything was purely chance? Skill? Practice? Eh? It conveys the thought. A dream come true.



The gardeners at the museum plant flowers in rotation thru the year. It’s spring. The first display after winter is always so cheery. It is entirely unexpected on a dreary day in early March. Color. I do believe that a burst of color cheers me every day and every time. Great!

Aim and fire. Composition is straightforward. Just get the exposure right. Position the flowers artfully… ha ha, I daresay the gardeners would object to my moving any of the flowers around.