Weaver cats

Weaver cats. Colleen calls them her weaver cats. She has had a conversation with each and every one. They have an understanding that a cat must never wallow, nor eat, nor scratch, nor tangle yarn. Wallowing results in felting. Felting is not good unless you intentionally want felt. My/our/her cats all know this. They know it! They do!

Quintessential. Feather is sitting amongst the ‘wheels. Chillin’! Feather? Yes, I can tell from the white fur on her paws. Good kitty. Don’t grab the yarn.

Good depth to the image. Wheels in the foreground and background. The whole spinning wheel is not necessary to convey the idea. Feather is centered but is works. I managed to convey the idea of business bordering on clutter bordering on spinning obsession in one simple frame. Somehow it all works.

Depth of field

Maybe you don’t care for the technical terms. A picture is a picture. Leave the rest to the tech heads.

It matters. Layers. Think of it as layers in a picture. Everything is not all in focus here. The basket at the front is blurred. The wheel in the foreground is slightly blurred. The spinning wheel farthest back is focused. The rocking chair is slightly out of focus.

Ok, so you don’t care. It’s a nice layered look. Spinning stuff and the feel of antiqueness. I like the feel. And yes, everything is in use… except the rocker. It needs a new cane seat. I am working on that. I started but have not finished. Yes, I have talent beyond the operating room.