Self conscious

How do you get a good family shot? Mostly people freeze up and are self-conscious as soon as they see me pick up the camera. We see Noa infrequently. When we do I have a camera in hand continuously from greeting till we say “bye.” There is no self-conscious. I am just continuously shooting. Sometimes it works. It sure did this time.

Posing immediately places pressure on your subject. They are obligated to perform. Simultaneously get three subject to pose? Oh my! But there are moments of happiness and if you are lucky it translated onto your camera sensor. I still consider it luck to draw out smiles and to get three in synch is nearly a miracle.  But I never give up trying.


One picture says it all. The kitchen renovation has made big progress. The smile says it all. We have been wanting to upgrade the kitchen since we first moved in. The dark brown cabinets were dated. The appliances are all new since then. The ceiling fan was added. That was a saga. It remains to put in a backsplash. Oh boy! How’d I get myself into that? Colleen picked one – backsplash. All that’s left is for me to install it. I have never done tile work…. And I managed to show this off in one picture.

Critical? Selfies. It’s hit and miss. iPhone has a reverse screen to see what you take. The button is hard to hold while shooting. My cameras vary. Some LCD screens flip up. Others don’t. Just smile and hope for the best. We get pretty good selfies. I just shoot redundantly. Digital is free so I shoot more than three each time under the theory that even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.