Home Again


Flare. There’s something causing it. I can’t quite see what’s giving the circular defects. Julia’s new place again. The thing is that I recognize her stuff. It’s a memory thing. You wouldn’t know. But I do. If you know Proust and his writing of the Madeleine cookie, you will understand. Not an image of any particular merit, but it says a lot to me. Thanks Julia. Some images are about sharing personal memories.



Julia’s on the move again. New apartment and she’s letting me have a look. It’s not art. It’s illustration. That’s my photo there in the corner. Julia had it framed and she has taken it to hang in the new place. Thanks. It’s home for now. She’ll be on the move again in a year. Yup, that’s the plan. All the best.

Shuttle Endeavor

Technical: iPhone 4s, 1/4608 sec, f2.4, focal length 4.28

David was in California and shot this image as the Shuttle Endeavor went by. I believe it piggybacks to a B-747. This is a rare treat and likely not to be repeated as the shuttles are retired. So you have one of a kind there, son. The iPhone never ceases to amaze with what it can capture. Without it there’s no shot. So I have to agree that it’s better to have it than not. I’m almost ready to give in.


Technical: smartphone

I can’t say that this was iPhone used to shoot Julia. It’s not her best image. You are dealing with wide angle effect with prominent facial and hand features closest to the lens. That would be large nose and fingers. But who can deny the happiness of an ice cream treat. She’s been traveling in Africa this summer and in some pretty tough living conditions. So this moment of joy and pleasure must be taken in context. Sometimes it’s not the technical quality of the image but the emotion it brings when your favorite daughter sends an image saying she’s well and having a great time. It definitely beats getting a post card dated weeks ago, “Having fun, wish you were here.”


Technical: iPhone

Amy emailed and said this is an example of the limitations of the iPhone. The high contrast of the sour cream against the darker hash leaves the detail of the meat hard to discern. Did I say that correctly? Well, anyway, the hash doesn’t look too appetizing. Amy’s a professional with access to lights and a big gun Nikon camera. So she’s right. The iPhone isn’t quite right for this job. Given more time and a bit of food styling, this shot could be improved a lot. As it is, the shot was taken on the run and no representation was made that this would be a great shot. It was a documentation of a good breakfast.



Technical: iPhone4S 1/234 sec, focal length 4.24

Amy sent this from her iPhone. I just now realize that she upgraded her phone. The subject is quintessential New York. Outrageous gets you noticed. Here is an extreme example. Noticed….for sure! He was doing a promotion outside a store. So he actually belonged there. Only in New York….I have no complaint except that the green Statue of Liberty hat is a bit incongruous. That’s not Amy’s fault.


Technical: iPhone

Race day. My daughter finished her first half marathon. She had a great time. That is to say – enjoyable as well as competitive. With her phone she tracked her time, listened to tunes, and took this picture at the finish with her close friend. I would have had to use three different devices to do the same. Reluctantly I am becoming a fan of iPhone. She even put the frame around the image in her phone.

Downsized flags via email

Technical: Smartphone

Yes, this was taken with a smartphone from a car window and processed by Microsoft imaging software. At the time the shot was made, Ginny had no idea that the sun flare would complete the image.

On her way to a wedding on Long Island, my friend Ginny called to her cousin to stop the car. She rolled down the window to get this image of flags on Veteran’s Day. When she reviewed the image her friend shouted out commenting on the sunbeams. I have always called this ‘angel light.’ What wonderful serendipity! For what it is, the shot is perfect. A cellphone image is better than none. But here…wow!