Oh boy

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Disturbing. Inappropriate. Disrespectful. … and so forth. What were they thinking? This logo or ad on the panel of the van… was odd. Construction service. A woman in garter, stockings, and a short dress? Really?Colleen immediately reacted. We would never hire them. I was… wondering what was in your head when you put that on your van? … but chauvinist pig comes to mind.  


You need context. A single shot of a chicken does not a story make. I am parsimonious. How can I not be? I was raised poor. No! I was never hungry, cold, or forced to sleep without heat. Yet, we were middle class and I always felt the edge of the budget envelope. Poor I was not.

You need that extra picture to provide background and to tell the story. Why am I reluctant to shoot a useless picture? Simply shoot a title shot for the day’s activity. I did. I guess. Anyway, I know where we were. So, the chicken has context in the end. But, yes, even now, I try not to shoot pics that are wasted shots. I have plenty of those without doing it intentionally. And yet I need context! By the way, I never particularly enjoyed getting up early. Maybe the clouds were the sunset from the day before?


It used to be that advertising had some truth. Who? Politics? State your party. Democrat or Republican. There are two. There is a smattering of others like independent, but there are two major parties. Anyway, wouldn’t you like an affiliation stated? Or is it just name recognition? It is too incendiary to state party? Ah! The times we live in.

Shooting from the car is tricky. Colleen hates it when I do. I can dance and chew gum. I can drive and think and shoot my camera.