Drive by. Of course, we did not stop. I was headed south and this was a drive by shot. It’s slightly blurred. Shutter speed too slow. Ah! I let the camera choose once again. Shhhh… the dirty secret – the camera does quite alright on “program” setting. It – the camera – chooses shutter, f-stop, and ISO all by itself. And then it autofocuses itself, all by itself. Wonderful! I get to concentrate on my driving much to Colleen’s relief. And….it works at night!!

Red’s. Iconic eatery off the side of the road in Maine. It is busy morning till night. The food? Special? Good? We have passed it multiple times. We’ve never tried it. I don’t wait on lines….

No puffin

Brand spanking new! Nikon D200 body. I got it just to shoot the puffins. Ya gotta get up early to catch a ride on the boat going over. I got stopped by a short stubby state trooper on I-95 North. She stared at me with blank amusement and let me go after I explained I was after the birds. Nope! The boat never landed. No birds. The waves were too choppy to land.

And, the shot of the day? Dawn driving across Maine, I spied the sunrise and the fog in the valley. I stopped the car, shoot, and continued on my way. Little did I know of the splendid processing that digital camera body could do. I shot in the dark! It was so dark!! I could never have pulled off this shot with slide film. The auto setting just compensated and rewarded me with the shot of the day! No, nope, no birds. Alas! But dawn? This was almost worth the price of admission. Not quite and not by a long shot but it was partial compensation for my effort. The only thing that was harder to photograph during my time in Maine? Moose!! I chased moose sightings everywhere up and down the state. Nope, never, nada, except this one time….