Wandering thru my catalog I found these. Where are we? Ha ha. Of course! (Shhh, I had to consult the database.) It’s Scotland. An abbey, I knew it all along. Colleen likes to wander. She loves old places, history and that sort. I indulge her. Life would be so boring otherwise. Harps and swords and gargoyles, oh my! Do I look happier for this dose of culture? I adore Colleen. I shall always adore her. I adore…

The sky is overexposed. It’s easy to do. It can be fixed somewhat in Lightroom. It is the people who count. Exposure in a dark castle can be a challenge. Today’s digital cameras are prepared to compensate in low light. But it cannot compensate if the dynamic range is from too bright to too dark. It is good to know that the brain (photographer) is still necessary in the equation.

Fine and good

Have you had a lifelong dream to visit a place in the world? Scotland. Colleen’s dream came true and we found ourselves immersed in the countryside of Scotland. We were hither and yon chasing her dreams and whims. Yes, there was a flock of yellow sheep. We never did quite find out if it was a prank or whether there was true purpose to this unusual photo op. The images could be anywhere but the brands and stores kind of tip you off if you are worth your Sherlock Holmes.

Travelogue. You collect images and try to represent a brief picture of but a moment in time. Once done we look forward to a return. We were sidetracked longer than we anticipated – Covid. But soon enough we will be back to see what we saw and to find new adventure.

Digital memory is inexpensive. Shoot early and often. I shoot all kinds of things. From dawn to dusk any subject is fair game. In a day I shoot as many images as I might have in a two week vacation with slide film. $$ I was always aware of cost. Keep shooting. it’s all fine and good.


Selfie. There are many ways… most popularly iPhone. Okay! Androd has 75% of the market. There are few exceptions in that my circle of friends and relatives compose 95% with iPhone.

So? I use a camera. I do feel comfortable reaching the iPhone shutter button or in using a  selfie stick. Left hand. Left hand. I am left handed. Colleen stands on the right. We pose. It works. My shoulder position and partial arm is the giveaway. We don’t strive to fool the viewer. There is always Photoshop. If you don’t have the skill, there are alternatives. I just find the image from an iPhone does not give me better quality than a camera. I am wrong. But that is my belief and I’m stickn’ with it. Shy! I’m shy. So, there is no kindly passerby to shoot a portrait of us as we pose. I got skill. We’re no dummies.

Um,,, different day, same jackets…. it rained a lot in Scotland. Nah! I shoot a lot of selfies as we go along. It was all the same rainy day. Score: selfie 3- Photoshop 1.