Speaking of

Great shot?!

It was better to get this shot going home than coming. Colleen missed the shot coming. We were too slow to pull up the camera. And there were multiple cow silos! We missed them all. My bad.

Going home – I saw one. Where were the others?? I was waiting – in vain. One cow silo. I settled. No going back. Ha ha.

We were headed (going) to dinner. … there was definitely no going back!!

Telephone pole

I live with obstructions. Something blocks my view frequently. There’s not much to do on the go in the car. Get out and stop. Of course not! You have to get out and stop. Ha ha, that would be stop and get out! I have a very patient wife. The former was not. There is a balance to be struck. Stop! Or go! It’s a choice.

I chose to remain – happily married – not an oxymoron if you play your cards right!

Fork in the road

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

“When you come a fork in the road, take it.” by Yogi Berra.

I was struck by possibility with this scene. There was not much more I could do to work the scene. This was the shot. Not quite there and not quite a discard. Sometimes my effort is wanting. I was lacking on this day.

There were possibilities.