Sunset, the hard way

Dinner out. We had a view of a lighthouse. I’m looking east. Ha, so is the camera…. And there in the windows, sunset is happening. Nice! I got no view. But I got window reflections. So make do. I did. It’s not something I see everyday. The camera metered accurately enough. The houses were a long way in the distance. And I was shooting thru the glass window of the restaurant. So, for many reasons. This shot should not have worked.

Remote control

Hardly. Front back? Confused?

Sunset. Driving east. It’s in my rear view mirror. No, I did not shoot this while driving at 70mph. Folly. Instead, I handed the camera to Colleen. She did a great job! Not quite perfect, but then again, there is an image to talk about.

You need to focus. Ha! Low light near dark, it’s pretty impossible to do. I would have manually focused. Colleen does not know what to turn for manual focus. She did a very passable job.

Going forward, yes, somehow we followed the road around a curve and were traveling west…. I got a couple shots through the front window. Ok! But the point?! Colleen shot through the passenger side mirror – objects in this mirror may be closer….


They are all around us. Hard to get. But easy is you see it. Ya gotta look! And sometimes it’s work. Special? Yes, when they work.

The last morning of the balloon festival they launched in the morning fog. I chased the balloons along the river. There was no set course they were following, mostly letting the gentle breeze carry them along. I stopped and popped thru the trees along the river to capture the reflection. Symmetrical. Symmetry. About near perfect. Probably too perfect. But this is something you cannot stage. You are just there as the opportunity unfolds. Take care and focus.