Too many (potential) shots, not enough time…

Photography as I have said, is not my day job. That said, I work at it. Confused? My goal was to see the puffins. Easier said than done. I had several unsuccessful prior attempts to see the cute birds. This process involved a lot of “chumming” as I was amply seasick on the boat rides over to the island in the Atlantic. And when I got there, I discovered that I had left my “big” lens home. Nope, no big telephoto to get up close and personal!

Lemons? Make lemonade.

I used my 70-300 mm zoom. So what if the “better” 80-400 mm zoom was home in NY. Dammit! What a simply stupid mistake. It could have been worse I suppose. I was using my second “good” digital camera body the Nikon D200. Why am I equipment obsessed? A better camera does not a better photographer make. But it helps. Oh well!? I shot a lot that/this day. They had to drag me out of the blind when time was up. Sometimes the work you do to get “there” makes it all the more precious. My images were fine and you’d never know the difference my other lens might have made. It remains unfinished business and I’d go back again in a heartbeat – seasickness and all!