Another day, another party, another group shot. I am about tapped out. There is not room within this small space to jump.


Aha! It works. At least this is not run of the mill. Different. Fun! Laugh! Ok! I got a new trick.

As with all things, exposure and focus would help. And it would help if everyone were looking at the camera. Of course someone always has their eyes closed. So I shoot multiple shots and pick among the least worst. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Stick in the mud


noun: stick-in-the-mud; plural noun: stick-in-the-muds

  1. a person who is dull and unadventurous and who resists change.”they see many of their colleagues as stick-in-the-muds and sentimental neanderthals”

Oh! Ooops! No insult please. Humor, fun, I am not too serious of late. We like to laugh. A family photo at a reunion gathering. 40+ people. Can you see three (on the right) who failed to “point?” No sense of huma – Laugh, smile, it’s audience participation! Whadda ya say Bruce? No funny bone. Nope, the guy is kinda boring. Shhhh… he doesn’t know it.

Gathering a crowd can be a challenge. But it is all in good fun. It is for the family legacy on Colleen’s side. This family goes back in genealogy to to the 1700’s and earlier. Some folks are getting older now. Ha ha. No one likes to crowd together sufficiently for me to get everyone into the picture. As I said, it can be a struggle. Everyone is good humored. Some less than others. But to bow out, well, that would be weird. But Bruce has said he is in witness protection in the past. Maybe?!

When I say, “Point?!” Maybe he shoulda covered his face…. Stuck in the mud??


You shoot a group and then what? I am self-conscious. People are cooperative enough to gather for me. What’s different? So, point. Why not? It’s different. Funny?! Of course, on the uptake, everyone is slow to react. Ok! I got the shot. I posted it to the family. They got it. I hope someone smiled/laughed. It is a different pose. Now you know why. Will they in the future?