Must be…

… a parade or some‘in. Don’t mess with mama. Once again, street photography. Ok ok! A boardwalk. And the bikini is none too flattering. Or, maybe… Bored? Me? I shot what I saw. The bikini made me pause. I am not curious enough to see the date or place to discern what the context might be. I would guess it was our Labor Day parade. I just got to say, “Does your mother know what you wore outside today?”


What are the odds? We attended a St Pat’s parade and across the street was an Irish bar. Ha ha. Who’d have thunk? We wandered into town into this parade. It was small short and lame as parades go. There was no lack of enthusiasm and spirit. Everyone is Irish on this day. Yes, we even saw a red headed Irish child!

Parades. It’s all about position. A zoom lens is pretty much a necessity. And bring along a big smile.