11/11/11, Corduroy

This is for fun. Corduroy day. We get it again at 11PM. I missed!! Blinked. And got 11:11:12. Ah well. The moment passed….

Taking a computer screen shot picture: make sure the background light and glare from the monitor is minimized. There is a screen effect called moire. This causes a pattern to appear in the image. To minimize this one can correct it in Photoshop using the despeckle tool. Otherwise one can also take the image from a greater distance to the monitor. Or, take several images to catch the moire pattern at its minimum. For the purists, my screen capture of the shelf clock was at 11AM. I was adjusting for daylight savings time. The metadata never lies. It’ amazing how many places in my office there are to see the time. And I don’t even wear a watch. Oops, I forgot my cellphone.

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