Sunset, the hard way

Dinner out. We had a view of a lighthouse. I’m looking east. Ha, so is the camera…. And there in the windows, sunset is happening. Nice! I got no view. But I got window reflections. So make do. I did. It’s not something I see everyday. The camera metered accurately enough. The houses were a long way in the distance. And I was shooting thru the glass window of the restaurant. So, for many reasons. This shot should not have worked.


I make people nervous because I am so intensely demanding. And, I don’t/I’m not. I am (can be) encouraging and patient. Colleen knows both sides of me and is therefore… nervous, but cooperative. Yes, you can go both ways. I pick up the camera (while driving). What choice does she have? Let me shoot or shoot for me. She does. Ha ha. And she does a very credible job now. A lighthouse on a hill in West Virginia followed soon after by an incomplete steel girder structure called an arc. Yup! Odd! She got it! I just smile. Lessons. They worked!


Take a picture. Frame it. That is to say have a frame around your subject. Don’t think picture frame. Use something in nature. Trees and branches. It focuses attention on the main subject. It can be contrite or tasteful. It all depends on your technique. Whatever works.

There is lots to criticize. Too centered. Too messy…. It worked for me. I’m good with it as it is.


Time waits for no one. The moment is lost forever unless you catch it precisely. Some subjects are slightly more forgiving. A spider web, art…? Others require the precise moment the action occurs. And others require patience for the elements to move into place.

I suppose photography is interesting because you never quite know what you are going to do or to get. Why not!

Good shot

Are there any others? I keep a camera on hand most of the time.

Ready to go.

Grab the shot of the “grand.” Every shot is good. Some are better. Colleen shoots too – now. And selfies! She has just blessed her meditation Indian basket in the waters off the lighthouse.

Pick one. Ha! Every shot has a story. There are so many.

No matter. It did not matter that Colleen did not wait for me to stop sipping. Composition and lighting are good. Nice.

Noa. Good composition. Focus is not quite tack sharp. It is an adorable shot.

Selfie. We do them without expectation. I/we do not have a roving photographer to follow us. My LCD screen does not always let me compose the shot. You take what you get.