Spring green

It’s Colleen’s favorite color. Spring green. Once a year, the promise of the new year…

I admit I did not stop the car. …to much go, we were on the way somewhere. No time… to smell the roses. Alas! The color is unmistakable. I know what Colleen talks about. But there were things to do and places to go. I wish…

Aside from the distinct defining color there is the contrast of the white fence and the composition which make this a nice shot. I cannot say great. I took it thru the windshield of a speeding car. Everything was purely chance? Skill? Practice? Eh? It conveys the thought. A dream come true.


One of the first things you do as a new couple is to learn all you can about your partner. … that is if you are willing to tell. Colleen and I did not hold back. She told me of her love for fiber and her penchant for haunting fiber stores. She and I wandered the backroads of Maine where I showed her my private spots to just be alone in thought.

Pictures tell a story. Anchors, reminders, I see them again and it evokes a smile. I am so glad I have this recollection from these images. Heretofore, I had not really paid much attention to selfies much less tried it photographically. iPhone and my kids taught me the concept. I was new to it. Colleen quickly got me up to speed. I’m better now. This one is an early attempt to master the technique. You’d never know it.


We were waiting for museum to open. I took advantage and was shooting fall color. Spectacular! A girl wandered by trying to take pictures of her dog? She was aiming in the wrong direction. Maybe not?! I assume the obvious but am often mistaken.

An overcast day – it would rain shortly – has different light. It’s soft, not harsh, tending toward blue tones. Take it. Street photography, yes, this was. Just do it. Puzzle over it later. I hope she got her shot. I got mine.


Same scene, different post processing. I am in the wrong light at this time of day or past prime for leaf color change. ??? Who knows?! I simply cheated and amped up the saturation and vibrance in Lightroom. The colors pop! Natural. Same scene different color. Some places have not changed – leaves. Other spots are prime peak. And others….