Cute!! It’s worth a double exclamation! Walter, the cat was one of three that came for kitten tryouts. Unusual! Usually, you don’t get to tryout a kitten. But, long story short, Walter was here on tryout to see if he was compatible with Nutley and to see if he could break Nutley out of the doldrums. Cute! Nope, failed!

Low light. I have my cameras set to auto ISO. After you get blurred shots in low light, auto ISO saves you many a time. The camera keeps the shutter fast enough to avoid blur from a slow shutter speed. Yes, “noise” in your image is the tradeoff. No, I don’t notice it enough to be bothered. It is worth the shot you get. Sharp, not blurred. Ok!

Salad Bar

Technical: Canon EOS 7D, 1/1250 sec, f3.2, ISO 2500, focal length 60

Cousin David has a parrot. He titled the shot – ‘Salad bar’ – get it? The ISO was 2500. I don’t see too much noise. I sized up the image in Photoshop and it still looks pretty good. The trade off is shutter speed and sharpness versus noise from high ISO. If you dial down the shutter speed the ISO will drop but the slower shutter speed may show more motion blur in your subject. Once upon a time these options were not available when ISO was fixed to the film emulsion in your camera. Now it’s another variable to consider. Choose wisely.