Helicopter, Verrazano Bridge

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Technical: slide film, settings not recorded.

This is one of the iconic bridges of New York City. It was built during my lifetime. But, like so much history, I was too young and too oblivious to appreciate the change. The bridge essentially connected Staten Island to New York City. Heretofore, the island was more a part of New Jersey by proximity and Jersey bridge connections. The photo is grainy. The lighting is grey and foreboding. You can see the raindrops on the helicopter bubble in the lower right. The bridge tower in the foreground is balanced by the light in the clouds, which leads the viewer’s eye toward the other tower. There are many ways and angles in which this shot could have been made. With film, at that time, I was much more conservative with experimenting with settings and exposure. The cost of film, development, and the mere act of changing out a roll of film in flight were all in play. Continue reading