I got a new thought a minute… ha ha. Photos trigger thought. I guess I am a visual thinker.

Old cameras. The first camera I handled was an Argus C3. In its time it was a workhorse many photographers were quite familiar with. Me? Once! One time! I used it once. One roll of film. It was a dismal disaster. No histrionics please.

Meanwhile Colleen has a collection of old beer steins… for me, it is nice to look, but not much triggers any desire to collect old cameras… except for the right price. Mostly I pass on the camera and just have a look as it passes by me. Film is dead, effectively dead, as in it is a specialty item to have and shoot a film camera now. There is no need to make things harder. I am plenty busy mastering digital image capture. “Looking” is the right price for me.


Film is dead. Long live film.

Ok?! Point and shoot? iPhone lives! Point and shoot? What is it? Do I need it? Do you?

Ah! Another gearhead conversation. Does good equipment make a photographer?

Almost? I have two point n shoots in regular use. New models come and go. Sony has 7 models each with advanced features added after success with model “1.” Better? Really? Pricey??!! For sure! Canon has the G7 III.

I have the Sony VI and the Canon G7X. Envy? Do I need to upgrade? The lesser model has held value and price. Uh? No. I think I take good pictures with what I got and newer is not better if everything is working…. I keep telling myself. I keep trying to convince myself… I wish I had made a birthday wish…but then again I walk around with only a $100 bill in my wallet. What’s in yours? … little did I know that my Sony was soon to be replaced – involuntarily.


…spring. As this is posted we are probably in full swing with spring. Hey! A rhyme!

I love this flower. It looks like it has a little tongue sticking out at you. I know the name of it. I search for the plant in the nursery every spring. It makes me smile all summer long.

In this instance a macro lens helps. The flowers are tiny. Every task has its best tool. For closeups… well, rest assured, you can get a shot without a special lens. I did it for a long time. But the purchase is justified in the end by the results and the ease with which the proper tool makes it so much better. Does it? Hey! One always tries to justify expense to my dear wife in the face of a lot of $$ going out the door. My previous macro lens was so old… how old?… it still focused manually. I would liken it to a hard line phone in your home. How quaint!