Black cat

Midnight, the cat, is an only cat who prowls his house silently. I am always surprised by his presence as he appears out of nowhere to stare at me. In this case he was staring thru his cat door down the stairs at me. I was able to pull out my camera in time to capture the contrast. And I was lucky enough to get an image.

Black cat, try to get an image. There is very little contrast. Focus?…on the eyes. Yeah, good trick. Detail?…hardly. Hey! It’s not my cat!


Take a picture. Frame it. That is to say have a frame around your subject. Don’t think picture frame. Use something in nature. Trees and branches. It focuses attention on the main subject. It can be contrite or tasteful. It all depends on your technique. Whatever works.

There is lots to criticize. Too centered. Too messy…. It worked for me. I’m good with it as it is.