They are all around us. Hard to get. But easy is you see it. Ya gotta look! And sometimes it’s work. Special? Yes, when they work.

The last morning of the balloon festival they launched in the morning fog. I chased the balloons along the river. There was no set course they were following, mostly letting the gentle breeze carry them along. I stopped and popped thru the trees along the river to capture the reflection. Symmetrical. Symmetry. About near perfect. Probably too perfect. But this is something you cannot stage. You are just there as the opportunity unfolds. Take care and focus.

Breaking clouds

Easy! No look camera shot out of the passenger side window. We had early morning fog that was lifting. Press the shutter. Auto focus? Nothing sharp to focus upon. Auto exposure? But, of course!

So, you get the sun in the picture. Nice. You can almost see blue sky behind the cloud. Neatly done. I would applaud the technical prowess of the photographer except this was a blind shot out the window. Purely fortuitous, or, skill?


Overwhelmed! I have a plethora of good shots! At least they are good by my standards. Much of it is all about being in the right place at that moment. Luck? Well, you do make some of your own opportunities. I was wandering the backroads of Maine… kind of lonesome, compensating for some itch. Fog! It’s hard to shoot. You never quite know what you will get. Luck! Skill!? Who knows? You might not even think much of this shot?! I do. I think it was a good almost great shot. It calls to me, as Colleen would say. Ethereal! Great! Fall. Fall color. Good exposure. Good detail. Good composition. Yes, a fine shot indeed.

So. I got the shot. Done? Do I need another fall shot. Are there others and can any top this one? I guess I will never stop shooting fall color. You never know what you will get. And the same shot will not come around again. Keep shooting. It’s almost fall, again.