I am partly obsessive. … not as bad as Colleen. I worry about ‘category’ and ‘tag’ for my post. It’s kind of like – did I leave something out, forget some tag??

It matters not. It is about the pictures. Who looks at tags and category anyway? So I remind myself not to “overthink.” They are both daffodils in the narcissus family with one being called a jonquil….oh bother!

Get level. Move the camera downward to get the bud even with the lens. Shooting from above is the natural angle. We are taller than the subject. It is more dramatic to look your subject straight into the eyes.


Ha ha! After yesterday? Real or Memorex? Memorex was audio tape. It was the jingle to their commercial a long time ago. … if you remember audio tape.

Looks real. Leaves. Who fakes dead leaves? I love the color. Saturated. Intense! Wonderful! Yes, fun!

The colors are vibrant and saturated. The day was overcast giving even lighting that was muted and allowing everything to be super brilliant. It was a good chance meeting of camera and flowers.


We laughed. Neither Colleen nor myself prefer pink. Spring again and the trees are in bloom. It reminds me that we agreed to travel to DC to see the cherry blossoms this year. Striking! Pink trees blossom all around us in the neighborhood, roadside, and parks. It is like a smell. After a few moments you don’t notice it as much. Pink is all around us. Get a good shot. A definitive shot? Something to remember? There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Pink. On this day I got a shot…


Depending. It can have many meanings?

I like to get to an event early. Better seat. Better view. Better picture. We arrive a couple hours early. Colleen is very good natured about it. I got great shots. No complaints. Sometimes you do sacrifice for the cause.

Early morning – moon – is a challenge. But I felt it was worth it with the interesting clouds lurking about. Different. Eerie! Crepe myrtle? I never saw one before coming to live here. It is a non sequitur that just creeped into the post.


Subtle but different…

It makes all the difference. I know. You are rolling your eyes right now. Lessons. Again. Boring.

See the room. ?? A little bit more wall makes it look a lot less crowded. Huh? Convincing? Can you see what I am getting at?

Sometimes it really it too subtle to care. And at other times, there is a big change in changing perspective. What does the image convey, or, the photographer wish to convey? … the difference between ooo… and ah…


I’m lazy. It’s why they have “telephoto.” Zoom in from afar. No walking. Easy.

Colleen wanted daffodils on the table. Heinous! Cut down a beautiful blossom?! Hey! They do it all the time.

Close-up, my specialty these days… but a bit tricky with the telephoto lens. Wide angle – the distortion can be neat. A lower camera angle is a bit less usual. Finally, getting out of the house, no glass window to distract or distort the shot…. Priceless!



The gardeners at the museum plant flowers in rotation thru the year. It’s spring. The first display after winter is always so cheery. It is entirely unexpected on a dreary day in early March. Color. I do believe that a burst of color cheers me every day and every time. Great!

Aim and fire. Composition is straightforward. Just get the exposure right. Position the flowers artfully… ha ha, I daresay the gardeners would object to my moving any of the flowers around.

Line ’em up

Flower pictures, I got a million of ‘em. Well, thousands, at least. Different? Standout?

I’m lazy. It’s way easier to take an image right outta the box (camera) vs manipulation (post processing). I am no fan of work. This is all about fun, eh?

So there are thousands of pictures you will never see. An archivist perhaps might take interest. No doubt no one will likely ever look. I don’t consider myself that interesting. No one else should.

But. It’s been a fun journey. I have enjoyed the challenge of photography. An image. The image. A good image. It’s just fun to get something that makes me smile.

I look for pattern. A line. I look at color. I look at the graphical lines. The light of day changes from bright sun to the glow of sunset. It all factors in. No. I will not sit around and wait. We accept midday sun and do not wait for the sunset. There is that “lazy” factor. No work! This is a hobby. Don’t overthink it!


The image catalog landed here. The color is intense. Spring! Tulips! Ok! Of course I never take just a single image. Any of them are worthy to pause and admire. I shot that?

Composition? None. Just shoot. Focus. Sure. Color? Great. The bright sun makes the color pop! It’s a photo that makes you stop and admire it. I shot that? Yeah, and I’m proud of it.


I love this window. It is roadside along US 1 driving north. I memorized the landmark just before this stop. And we stopped. Colleen shot. She got a good one. She did good. She’s a photographer and didn’t even know it. Meanwhile, I got the shot for my collection. Does it matter?… that she shot the picture. No! We are pretty much one. She got her experience shooting bridges as we drive. Otherwise, I would shoot the bridge and she wanted my hands on the steering wheel. Imagine that?!