Free. Freedom?

Title?? Digital is free. At least it seems virtually nearly free because storage is so inexpensive. Film cost $$.

So, I shoot multiple images. Click, click, click. Free. Surely, one image will be the “one.” Indeed there are plenty of images with focus issues and so forth. More images insure success?! Not really. But, I still like to think so. So many of my old slides are not quite good enough. It is what I have. No backs. So, I shoot camera, not iPhone, and I shoot early and often.

I fear my argument falls upon deaf ears. The vast majority of images out in the world were/are iPhone not camera. It’s progress. Better? I know I can do better with camera than phone.

Once more

I remember this fondly enough to do it again. Fascinating. It is how film, photography, light, lens, and the eye works. Light hits the retina focused by the lens of the eye aided with or without the eyeglasses we wear. It hits as an upside down image. The brain translates and the world is right side up. After all gravity must have its due.

Camera obscura. Yes, full sized. You walk inside. The image appears on the back wall. It is indeed upside down. I righted it. And out of focus – it is because the lens is small relative to the wall behind me. Hey! I got a photograph of the whole thing. I love it when science works. Shamelessly, I am posting this again. It was so much fun the first time around.

Early on

In my earliest days I was using black and white film. I was poor. Photography was expensive. Relative to zero income, it was a fortune. I wanted to shoot pictures… I transitioned to color slide. A two week vacation would be under 40 rolls of film – less than 1440 pictures. Ha ha, I can shoot that much in less than a day.

This slide conjures up a lot of memories. Get in line early and stand and wait if you want some kind of view of the spectacle. And the slide is softly focused. Age of the slide and degradation over time? Or was it the nature of the film? Or the photographer? Or the slide scanner limitations? Who knows? I could do better. But then there’s no desire to brave the crowds and stand and wait and…. They can change without me.