Green is a favorite color for Jules. Now, I know. But it seems I did not know when she had this green kale smoothie. I had not seen her since she moved to California. She’s more health conscious than I realized. When she ordered this drink it was not too appetizing to my eye. It looked more like medicine. Nope, not for me!

Shooting in a dim restaurant is a challenge. Hold still (camera). Don’t shake. Ha! Better lighting would have helped. Of course! But I was just grabbing a shot of the drink for posterity and this post.

To the end

Cheers! Colleen adores Jessop’s Tavern. We have not been back in over a year. The last time we ate there service was dismal. We were abused. I swore to never return. So, we did it for Lee. She’ never been and the Shepard’s pie is legendary. We had a good experience. Every one of the wait staff has been replaced. Good or bad? It’s been tough during Covid. It’s still a nice place. There are others. We will never go back with frequency. …Colleen likes dark beer.

End? Toast? No, it is about the last event. All the summer guests are gone now. Peace reigns in the house. The cats are back in their routine. It’s quiet. The cooking is easy. Onward… to the next event.