No matter what

It might be the time to refresh your understanding why I refer to Jules by her nickname. Her students searched her name and found my blog. It kind of made her uncomfortable. So, it is Jules. They don’t know to look for her under that criteria.

Ha ha. While I was in Saudi, both kids – mine – were able to visit – and dive with me. It was awesome! Dave learned to dive there. Jules had to wear an abaya (required). The dive mask? We were goofing around. Never goof with dad. The result lives on and makes me smile whenever I see the image again.

Back in 2013

When my kids first dove with me (the one and only time), I was sure to document our adventure. Yes, it is an outstanding memory. It is for sure a bonding memory of activity my kids and I shared. We skied, we hiked Bear Mountain… At least I was part of their life. Priceless.

More underwater photography in natural lighting. One deals with the blue tint. There is always some murkiness. It is seen in the background. Nonetheless it is a priceless photo of both kids and our diving experience.


Puffer fish. They are all around the reef. As with all fish they do not want you near them much less touching or holding them. Some of my dive buddies are quicksilver. They caught this guy, handed him over to me, and took my picture. Yeah, neat!!

Natural light, a bit overexposed, but enough to catch the idea and detail needed.