One shot

You think it’s easy? Does it look easy? Work? Does it make you shudder? Cooperation? Any??!!!

Even Colleen was reluctant… till I told her she could wear her favorite dress. Try to get a squirming cat to look at the camera. Flash helps – fast shutter speed. A pose? Just get the cats with their eyes open and looking forward. No cats were harmed in the making of this picture. We got it pretty much down to routine. I set up a tripod, so the perspective does not change. I load batteries in the flash. Each cat is wrangled into position on the table. The order is not important. They all fit side by side according to expression. Done.

Ha ha. Jen pointed out we got photobombed. Spice was in our picture over Colleen’s left shoulder. Yes, I do not have eyes in the back of my head. Hey, I got a shot! Let’s not get too picky.

Luck, persistence, and a lot of space on the memory card…


… but not reformed. We have a running visual in museums now. I took umbrage with a relative who stated that she had seen art in a museum. Huh?! I am undoubtedly over reacting. I make sure to spoof her each time we attend. Is it art? Are we performing? Am I acting out? Colleen? It’s an old joke by now. Sometimes it’s just hard to grow up.

Technically, I try to keep the camera in the same spot. We don’t tripod. Sometimes Colleen changes the position. After all she’s perfect. Then I must size the image to match the figures.

The lighting is usually dim so that is a factor to consider.

Fun? Juvenile? Try it?!