Color, graphic, focus, subject?

When you edit something catches your eye and you give it a rating. One star, two star… It’s not hard. But then you have to choose one among your two stars. Now what? I’m not picky in what rates a star or two. Three, there’s another decision. It has to stand above and be noticeably different. Meanwhile there are a lot of passable shots. I am not to picky about 1, 2, or 3 images. 3,5,7… it gets tricky. Too many pictures not enough space.


Do you think about the color of light? Do you consider the time of day? Light changes with day to night.

Daylight is bright blue, a little bit harsh at times. At night it is dark, ha ha, but light is dependent upon the light source which has its own characteristics. And in sunset or sunrise light is more toward the red spectrum. I am always amazed at how people seem to ignore the change of light as the day passes.

One percent

One percent? Probably less. Sunrise happens and the color is unique unto the day. It lasts but a moment. Special! It comes for a moment only long enough to savor but not to save perchance you have a camera to record the moment soon to be gone forever more. I love the impossible colors of sunrise. We hardly ever see the pastels again for the rest of the day. It is special. The moon? I cannot do justice to both. The moon is too brightly lit to properly expose in the same shot. it is a matter of choices. Or choice? Does the viewer get it? Moon? Color? Ephemeral beauty?


Ha ha! After yesterday? Real or Memorex? Memorex was audio tape. It was the jingle to their commercial a long time ago. … if you remember audio tape.

Looks real. Leaves. Who fakes dead leaves? I love the color. Saturated. Intense! Wonderful! Yes, fun!

The colors are vibrant and saturated. The day was overcast giving even lighting that was muted and allowing everything to be super brilliant. It was a good chance meeting of camera and flowers.

Spring green

It’s Colleen’s favorite color. Spring green. Once a year, the promise of the new year…

I admit I did not stop the car. …to much go, we were on the way somewhere. No time… to smell the roses. Alas! The color is unmistakable. I know what Colleen talks about. But there were things to do and places to go. I wish…

Aside from the distinct defining color there is the contrast of the white fence and the composition which make this a nice shot. I cannot say great. I took it thru the windshield of a speeding car. Everything was purely chance? Skill? Practice? Eh? It conveys the thought. A dream come true.


Test. Limits. I test mine all the time. I test the camera all the time. Sunsets, the moon, they test the algorithm of the camera manufacturer in low light conditions. You pick you choose you shoot. Sometimes you win and sometimes not.

Detail, color, focus, all are factored in to make the image of my imagination. Then we see whether or not the camera was up to the test. In doing so there are compromises and choices to be made. Post processing can only get you so far. The idea, “I’ll fix it later in Photoshop.” is so wrong on so many levels.


It seems I looked long and hard for a worthy single image today. Stained glass, religion, peace be unto you.

It’s not hard to shoot stained glass. Aim and fire away. It would help if I framed without diagonal lines. Or, maybe that was intentional to give the image tension. Ha ha. I doubt I pondered the issue – at all. Vertical. If you would notice, I shoot way fewer vertical compositions in my posts. I shoot few verticals. It is because my laptop has a horizontal screen and vertical pictures leave too much border. Yeah, simple. Um, no. Verticals are proper shots for portrait work and so forth.

Today I was just looking for something worthy to post and comment. A single. It’s hard. There are so many stories in my head. I find blue to be soothing. I need some peace and serenity right about now. After this I am going to hug my cat and then find Colleen. Nary a day goes by that we don’t hug many times over.


Passionflower. What catches your eye? Do you focus on the petal, stamen, pistil? Composition? Whole flower or close-up? The color alone makes the image stand out in the catalog.

Here’s my choice. Eye catching! Could it be better? Always! There is something that caught my attention immediately while editing. Perfect? Nope. But close enough to open a discussion.