My best dog

Story? Picture? Both?

Willow. My best dog. He acts/feels like a dog sometimes. He is a cat. Duh! But it feels like he reacts more like a dog ocassionally. He begs. He’s always hungry. He will come when I call. He will show up for petting. He sometimes acts more a dog than my old dog Nellie.

Mute. Willow does not speak. He squeaks. No meow. Squeak. I wonder?

The photo has sharp focus on the eyes. Good. The color cast is blue. Shade. There is a distraction in the background – black hose. Good? Sometimes it is the story? Or does the picture trigger the story?


Cat’s outta the bag. Feather is my favorite. I have seven cats in the house. She likes me best. She likes me better than any of the others. So?! I gotta like her back. No way around it. Colleen swears she has been my cat all along. No jealousy. It’s just so. So, I like Feather.

She’s my best cat. The others don’t know.

As I have said in the past, cats don’t pose. They may sometimes stare at you. Expression? Smile? Emote? Ha! The trick? Point the camera straight into their eyes. Ah! The lens is directly on line with their gaze. It makes it appear they are paying attention to you. Ha ha! It lasts but a moment. So, shoot fast and shoot often. I got it! … my best cat!

Tight fit

No cats were injured in the making of this picture. Ha ha. Cats like to be in tight places. Sometimes. They like the coziness? I was just lucky enough to have a camera at hand. Willow posed for a few seconds more before he realized his cooperation was needed. Then, he bolted. He does not particularly like close-ups.

A grab shot is – you take what you can get. There is no time to work the scene for better composition or lighting. Go with it. Chalk it up to good humor.

I wish

There is always something more. More? Yes, more to make the picture better. Do you really need it? For the beloved black cat in a bag – Tillie could always have more texture to her fur. She’s a black cat! It ain’t easy to do. Lightroom or Photoshop algorithms will help. Out of the camera the shot was “arresting.” Did the adjustments make a difference?

Bee on a flower. Sure. Everyday. Closeup. Special. We’ve all seen this before. So? Improvement. I wish – pollen on the legs; better flower; better bee detail…. Nice shot? Yeah. Yup! I think so. Did it need more? Not for me. I’m amateur. This is not my day job. Enjoy!


Time waits for no one. The moment is lost forever unless you catch it precisely. Some subjects are slightly more forgiving. A spider web, art…? Others require the precise moment the action occurs. And others require patience for the elements to move into place.

I suppose photography is interesting because you never quite know what you are going to do or to get. Why not!


I edit my images picking out the best and discarding the losers. Technically sound, the image must be in focus. Composition needs to be satisfactory. Exposure needs to be even. No distracting elements, please. In the case of a black cat, the fur must have even texture. Therefore, the lighting is crucial. And once again, and always, the eyes need to be in focus.

There are a lot of good images and only a few are worthy of posting. Why this one? I guess you know it when you see it. Arbitrary? For sure. We may agree or not. But, I like it.


I got a double blossom. Deformity. How unusual!? It happens? No harm. I suppose it will not happen again. I got seven cats. This one with two pictures.

Focus. It’s all about the focus for me. Eyes. You have to have the eyes in focus. Flowers? I focus on the center, more or less. Petals or center? The viewers eye drifts to the center. In the portrait is is Peas’ eye that counts. Stay focused.

Day job

I’m retired. No more hassle. I never had a boss. I was my own. Make no mistake, there were people over me with the power to steer my life. Largely, I went my own way. Better? Worse?

Enough! I got out on my terms. Luck was with me. I have an independent life. I go where I want. I do what I want. Would I do it differently?

Day job? Each day is a fortune cookie. You never know what it holds. Cats. I photograph my cats. Who cares? Who needs another cute cat picture? I don’t care either. But, it is my cat. And so, I get shots.

Rhyme or reason? I shoot with the eyes in mind. Focus. If you can get the eyes in focus… Hey! The difference between “yes” and “eyes” is the “e.” Go for it! My cats do not follow instructions. I press the shutter and hope for the best. Ha ha. It’s not quite that random, but, some days it seems that way.


Cute!! It’s worth a double exclamation! Walter, the cat was one of three that came for kitten tryouts. Unusual! Usually, you don’t get to tryout a kitten. But, long story short, Walter was here on tryout to see if he was compatible with Nutley and to see if he could break Nutley out of the doldrums. Cute! Nope, failed!

Low light. I have my cameras set to auto ISO. After you get blurred shots in low light, auto ISO saves you many a time. The camera keeps the shutter fast enough to avoid blur from a slow shutter speed. Yes, “noise” in your image is the tradeoff. No, I don’t notice it enough to be bothered. It is worth the shot you get. Sharp, not blurred. Ok!

Cat portrait

It ain’t easy if the cat don’t cooperate. Tillie does not – cooperate. She looks at me once in a while and disdains to cooperate as though it were a duty. I have to wait, hold the camera in front of her eyes, press the shutter, and hope for the best. I go with the theory that even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. Sure enough, I get a good focus on her eyes and we are in business. Tillie doesn’t help me. Nope! Patience is the key. I wait her out. She ignores me. She forgets she is ignoring me. I get the shot. Easy!