I had it in mind to get an image of one of the many barns we were passing as we drove across West Virginia. I did not quite get what I wanted. No matter, I got something. Shooting from a moving car is a bit of a challenge because of the speed of the car. The fast shutter speed in midday will compensate and the image is generally sharp. Composition is hard. The scene passes in the blink of an eye. Not quite. Almost. I would have liked to have shot the red barns I saw but we had passed them by a while ago. No backs.


Today’s challenge – shooting the sunset from a moving car when that picturesque sunset is behind you. Of course, stopping the car is not an option. I should have… stopped. Colleen took the camera. She shot at the rear mirror. Nice! Not quite focused… but certainly passable. She does not get the concept of manual focus. Considering that there were no lessons, she did a very nice job. It was actually well composed and conveyed the idea very well. Me? Out the front windshield… the challenge is getting a sharp image while moving at 70mph in low light. The camera compensated by boosting ISO automatically. My presets in ‘program’ are set to boost ISO in low light. Film could never do that. But it’s digital! Ah! I love science when it works!

Stop the car

Colleen’s a good sport. Lisa (first wife) was not. Shhhh… Colleen doesn’t care for me to mention “her” name. You see where this is going? Ha ha! I stop – the car – for photo-ops. A lot! …well not so much anymore. No need! I developed a technique to shoot on the go! Oh no! Well, sometimes. Colleen has actually gotten pretty good at shooting bridges on the go. It’s do it or I do it. She prefers…. See, control is a subtle issue with any couple. Ha ha, again. Well, one can shoot wide, medium, or tele. Just zoom in and out. Don’t try this while driving kids. Leave it to the experts. I do it without looking. And I hope for the best. And I am lucky sometimes. I have a very understanding wife. I have a wife who helps. And so we get along so well… As the song goes – Love Is Better, the Second Time Around.


Super – rich, wealthy. Wow! You don’t see many Rolls Royce cars running around the road or streets. This one was owned by DuPont and Elton John. Ha ha. This model, different car. I was wondering how the same car changed hands. Nope. Wrong assumption. Each owned one. They made 10 cars a year this particular car, during the year of purchase. Exclusive!? You bet! 10 miles a gallon gas efficiency – at that wealth, you don’t ask the price of gas at the pump. Ho hum, I’ve seen a Rolls before. Colleen has not. She was so impressed. Nope, she’s not getting one for her birthday. Cheap? You bet! Mrs. DuPont has two side by side in her garage. Yeah, that second car in the pic ….


Well, folks, don’t do this. I shoot thru my car window, hence the tint. Clouds! Neat! Dramatic! The camera is set on auto. I use ?? 50mm lens setting. Fire away. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. Avoid traffic clutter and cars if you can. Bridges can be dramatic. And by the side of the road you can always see interesting stuff. But, the clouds are dramatic and deserve some credits. After all you will not see this formation again. What I shot is once and one of a kind. It’s humbling.