Nothing is ever lost. It just goes missing. And, then, you find it! Right?!

Right before the holiday – it doesn’t matter which – we/I cleaned. I straighten. Cleaning is another story. But I came across my Canon G12 on the shelf. Dusty! I last used it back in 2017. Yeah, fallow for a long time. I could not find the battery charger. Eventually it showed up. But there was a lot of searching. And then I took a few pics. Really, the last time was in 2017. At one point this was my dive camera. And then it was my bike camera. It hung on the strap on my neck as Colleen and I rode the neighborhood. Those were the pics on the memory card last in 2017. Found! Will I use the camera more? It feels so quaint and ancient compared to my go-to cameras of now.

Nothing wrong with the images. It’s digital. It doesn’t go out of style. And who can tell the camera that took these pics. You don’t need anything special. Why, an iPhone would be just fine! Ha ha!