Wild guess

I’m gonna take a wild guess. It was mom’s birthday. … and John took the picture. He’s not in it. No tripod. No inclusive selfie. It was still in the era of not digital camera that could do everything. Flash, hence, the shadows. Smiles. Universal. It’s good to see everyone happy. The cake? So, happy birthday, mom. She had a lot of birthday cards… shhhh, we don’t know how old…

Happy birthday

Kathy with a “K” or a “C” I am never quite sure. But birthday for sure! It was but a moment in the birthday aisle to get a tiara. No brainer! Embarrass the birthday girl? Nope?!

At home, poor light, but enough to shoot without flash. Flash? Better? But distracting. I went with the automatic everything settings and got a decent documentation of the occasion.