I have posted about her before. Jules named her. She was a dove who nested on the sill of her bedroom six stories up in NYC exposed to predators. She bravely hatched several sets of eggs. They flew away. And then one day… Amelia returned with her extended family. At least twenty doves were there on my deck just gathered and soaking in the morning light. There was no doubt by the grouping that they all knew one another. Reunion. After that I never saw them again. Maybe they were all headed south?


I shoot flags where I see them. Here’s another roadside graphic. There was no stopping to compose and work the scene. Point and shoot. The lamp is distracting. Photoshop it out? Nah. Birds on a wire are nice. And the one bird doing a flyby is better. Not too good. Not too bad. It is surely a graphic shot.


I am incapable of restraint. One image. Pick one from a day’s shoot. Is there not one single image that stands out from the rest that would be worthy? One image? Pick? I am incapable. They are like children. You like them all. Among 1916 images? yes, that was the number on 9/10/22. Don’t ask. I told that story in another blog.

Shooting into a mirror… it was not even on “that” day. Position the camera. Look up. Press the shutter. Voila! I look like I belong with the other frames nearby. Not too much, but I like to think so.


Here’s something unique in my collection. I have seldom caught one animal eating another. This fish was too big to swallow easily. As the heron struggled, I had an opportunity to shoot. Gruesome? Dinner.

Work the scene? I just shot this pose. I composed vertically. I suppose I could have cropped the image or zoomed in closer or gotten a horizontal composition. Either way the picture told the story and the image composition was not the focus of the subject at hand.