Stand out

It stands out in my memory. Nellie and my favorite daughter… beach. I’m glad I got this shot. I miss the dog. For that matter I miss the daughter too. They move away. You don’t see them much. You always expect there will be another visit. Time just keeps going forward. It’s better to be positive thinking.

It’s a high contrast shot at the beach. Yet the color seems muted and even. No shadows to speak of. Good shot. How’d I do it? Some days you thank the gods. Ask no questions.

In goes the bad air…

… out comes the good air. No No No. You got it backwards as Colleen would admonish… It was a line from the Little Rascals series. Ha ha.

Snap shot, beach, Canon G7. Point and shoot, grab shot. Not too good a shot by my own ready criticism. There will be a real sentence here, eventually. Beach replenishment. Shhhh!!! It is the biggest (secret) waste of money (millions)!!! The beach washes away with big Nor’easter storms that batter the coast. Technically, we are below sea level. The gov’t comes in and puts it back. How? They pump sand from a mile out to sea onto the beach again. We may lose 10 feet or more. That is right! More than 10 feet deep sand/beach washed out to sea only to have our dear gov’t put is all back. Nuts! Not only that, children are starving. Shhhh! I live at the beach. We want a beach. It is still nuts! “Catch 22.”


It’s cosmic dust. Really!?! It’s what coalesces to form stars. It’s a mere two light years away? Spectacular! In the face of the universe and awesome, I am humbled. There is too much light pollution where I live to capture the stars at night. I gave up the attempt long ago. I dabble in an occasional shot of the moon. We have a beach cam. I sign in to get a shot of the dawn. Most mornings it is too cloudy or no clouds – boring, mission failure. Webb telescope: forecast – cloudy today.


Which came first – climate change or the geographic move to a warmer clime? Since we came there has only been a single blizzard in which our car did not “go.” It’s not good to tempt Mother Nature… yet I am waiting. We really don’t see winter of old where the snow falls and the winter wonderland outside is so peaceful in shades of gray. Color is all around us. It ain’t Florida. But, still, we are rarely snow challenged. Good. I guess.

High contrast – that is to say very bright to very dark. Bright sunlight can take shadow and light to extreme. This is not flattering for faces. In other instances it is hardly noticed. And, other times the bright contrast is an added dimension to the picture. Keep it in mind, and, make your wife look good. She’ll thank you. You’re welcome!

This weekend is Fire and Ice, a display of ice sculptures in town, a festival to make folks stroll and tour the town. Ha ha. It’s due to rain and be about 50 degrees. Have fun.

Sand castle

The recent hurricane – Ian – washed away our beach again. ?? Well, it is underwater. So far man against the elements – The Feds have replaced the lost sand. It costs $$$. At least there is tangible evidence of my tax dollars at work. But, really?! So many pressing social issues, not enough money…. Today, the beach is back – a tiny bit. Should we replace the lost sand. I feel like my sand castle was overtaken by the tide and has washed out to sea. Should we….?

Easy. I use our beach cam to get screenshots. Voila! It’s not so easy otherwise. There are webcams and there are webcams. Some are better than others.

New day

Dawn. I missed sunrise. The beach is usually crowded already at this hour. People jockey for position near the ocean. The beach was severely narrowed this spring by a Nor’easter. Nope – just a few chairs lined up in formation – hmmm…. OCD? Where is the crowd? I guess later in the morning it will fill up. Surely, summer is not waning yet. But, it is only Monday. Most people flock to the beach on the weekend. I forgot how it works since every day is Saturday for me since I retired. 🙂