We shoot bridges. Colleen does! I do! It became a thing with us recently although I have been shooting bridges from the car for quite some time. Lately Colleen shoots because she hates the idea that I am driving distracted. Nonsense, I am just navigating by the camera LCD screen. No!

Okay. I probably started many years ago holding my camera as I drove in order to catch the sunrise as I drove to Maine near dawn. No stopping. It would have delayed the trip. Ha ha. Well, it was fractured reasoning but it stuck. I have the camera on automatic/program mode. Simply turn it on, point and shoot. I don’t even look at the LCD screen any more. There are many reasons why this technique is inferior and doesn’t work. And sometimes the image is certainly ok. I liked the clouds and my position relative to the bridge in this image.

So, it’s simple. Point and shoot. Don’t overthink the shot. The camera will do the heavy lifting. If you don’t get a shot, no harm done. And I am amused that Colleen is such a good photographer even if she doesn’t know it.