Time waits for no one. The moment is lost forever unless you catch it precisely. Some subjects are slightly more forgiving. A spider web, art…? Others require the precise moment the action occurs. And others require patience for the elements to move into place.

I suppose photography is interesting because you never quite know what you are going to do or to get. Why not!

It’s not for me to say

It has been said that dogs and their owners resemble one another. Similarly spouses tend to have similar features.

We were in a contemporary art museum. Click. Same pose, similar hair…. Hmmm.

Exposure. Timing. Composition. It’s all part of street photography. The elements have to fall into place to get a successful shot. Not bad. I even got half a leg….(far left)


… but not reformed. We have a running visual in museums now. I took umbrage with a relative who stated that she had seen art in a museum. Huh?! I am undoubtedly over reacting. I make sure to spoof her each time we attend. Is it art? Are we performing? Am I acting out? Colleen? It’s an old joke by now. Sometimes it’s just hard to grow up.

Technically, I try to keep the camera in the same spot. We don’t tripod. Sometimes Colleen changes the position. After all she’s perfect. Then I must size the image to match the figures.

The lighting is usually dim so that is a factor to consider.

Fun? Juvenile? Try it?!