We all experience doubt. Colleen did. She knew I was married. I was her kryptonite. She stayed away. … claustrophobic too. I never did have qualms about my feeling for her. I don’t try to overthink. It felt right. Still does. No doubt.

Vertical images drive me crazy. In the post with horizontal shots the “cropping” is automatic and arbitrary. I make do. Sometimes it is less than ideal. No doubt it is why I use few vertical framed pictures.

I find it interesting that most iPhone shots are vertical. It comes from how you hold your phone. Ha ha.


I got it wrong. I told everyone that Dave is traveling with a single backpack. Wrong! It is a backpack and a carry on. All his worldly belongings plus his laptop. One pair of underwear… he’s wearing the other. Wow! We travel with Colleen’s pillow. Yes, the pillow is stuffed into our carry on! Minimalist we are not! I love her – Colleen – to pieces! So, this should in no way be construed as criticism. “Sigh!?” My point? Ready to go – means different things to different people.

Ah! iPhone! It takes good pics. … as good as my camera. And it gets the idea and notion across whatever you are seeking to remember. Ok! We agree to disagree. I am keeping my camera(s).

Note: When you put all that weight on the back tire, you get flats – a lot. Dave told me.


Here’s where photography and photojournalism meet. Catch a picture of two sheep. No context and they can be anywhere. Or, get the road, you loose the closeup and the “whites” of their eyes. We thought it was fun to be driving along and the sheep were free to be anywhere even in the middle of the road. Lucky for us, the grass is greener by the side. Which brings to mind, “Why did the sheep cross the road?” And I got one more question. Is it one sheep, two sheep? Do Scotish sheep have a brogue?

Right about now…

… I hope we are wrapping up a fabulous month in Scotland. You may surmise we have been here before. It is out of my norm to return to a place I have been. New places await. Find new adventures and photo ops. But I also have a wife for whom Scotland calls. She doesn’t mind returning. And I am content to let things happen as they will. There will always be something of interest to find and discover anew. Fun?! You bet!

Random shots. Street shots. Street photography. Get the flavor of the city. Catch a few sights. Have fun. Did I say that already?


We laughed. Neither Colleen nor myself prefer pink. Spring again and the trees are in bloom. It reminds me that we agreed to travel to DC to see the cherry blossoms this year. Striking! Pink trees blossom all around us in the neighborhood, roadside, and parks. It is like a smell. After a few moments you don’t notice it as much. Pink is all around us. Get a good shot. A definitive shot? Something to remember? There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Pink. On this day I got a shot…

Spring green

It’s Colleen’s favorite color. Spring green. Once a year, the promise of the new year…

I admit I did not stop the car. …to much go, we were on the way somewhere. No time… to smell the roses. Alas! The color is unmistakable. I know what Colleen talks about. But there were things to do and places to go. I wish…

Aside from the distinct defining color there is the contrast of the white fence and the composition which make this a nice shot. I cannot say great. I took it thru the windshield of a speeding car. Everything was purely chance? Skill? Practice? Eh? It conveys the thought. A dream come true.


Taking matters into my own hands. Look ma! … no hands driving… nah! I hold the wheel and the camera … no hands left. Of course, I hold the camera in my right hand. Oh bother!

You have to set the zoom. The rest is on auto-focus and exposure. Shoot. Multiples. No look shots. Then you pick one. It can be dramatic. I am playing off the wide angle view to give more drama to the shot. Eh!?

Shoots bridges

I don’t recall exactly but it was somewhere around 2007 that I shot the sunrise thru the car window in Connecticut as I turned north in Hartford on an early morning return to work up in Maine. How’s that? Well, it’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

Colleen knows the drill. She takes the camera from the dashboard…. It’s better than me doing it and driving at the same time. Cautious girl she is. She’s not very good. ha ha. I just say that. She’ll read this and bash me later. Meanwhile she has gotten good bridge pictures. Not great. But practice makes… better, I hope. (shhhh…. she’s pretty good!) The camera travels on our dash… I drive, she shoots. The offer to let her drive falls upon deaf ears. …I drive. Besides, I GO FAST.