I had it in mind to get an image of one of the many barns we were passing as we drove across West Virginia. I did not quite get what I wanted. No matter, I got something. Shooting from a moving car is a bit of a challenge because of the speed of the car. The fast shutter speed in midday will compensate and the image is generally sharp. Composition is hard. The scene passes in the blink of an eye. Not quite. Almost. I would have liked to have shot the red barns I saw but we had passed them by a while ago. No backs.


Why? There always seem to be obstructions or telephone lines in the way of my promising cloud pictures. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere. And on occasion there is a sunrise or sunset to assist. In this instance the early morning sunrise picture was modified by blurring from the rain on my window. The effect is sometimes sought via a lens filter. In this case my window provided the filter blur for free.

There’s nothing special in the technique or advice. Carry a camera. Use it. And do not hesitate to shoot thru glass be it car or home. I guess there is not much to be said for telephone lines and traffic. I would prefer to always avoid a traffic jam. Ha ha. I have a camera on my desk. I usually have one on the dashboard of the car.

Speaking of

Great shot?!

It was better to get this shot going home than coming. Colleen missed the shot coming. We were too slow to pull up the camera. And there were multiple cow silos! We missed them all. My bad.

Going home – I saw one. Where were the others?? I was waiting – in vain. One cow silo. I settled. No going back. Ha ha.

We were headed (going) to dinner. … there was definitely no going back!!

Fork in the road

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

“When you come a fork in the road, take it.” by Yogi Berra.

I was struck by possibility with this scene. There was not much more I could do to work the scene. This was the shot. Not quite there and not quite a discard. Sometimes my effort is wanting. I was lacking on this day.

There were possibilities.


Clouds. No two pics are the same. Dramatic. I go for the dramatic formations. It was pre-storm. When you travel with a companion no matter how tolerant and loving, she will eventually object to stopping every minute or every ten feet. So, I have learned to shoot on the run, or, in the car while it’s running. Zoom a little to crop out extraneous road stuff and let “auto” do its exposure. Not bad, eh? No question, I got dramatic. The only problem? Pick just one image.