Uh oh

You can see where this is going. The iconic shot is somewhere in the catalog and the past. Jules or Dave has the hose on full blast on her sibling. It was funny. Somehow, the shot is not with these slides. I am disappointed in the soft focus. Poor light and s slow shutter speed got me. I have a picture. It was enough. Is a poor picture better than none?


Did you ever wish you could un-see what you saw? I laughed. Colleen gave me a forbidding look. No picture. So I did not get what I wanted to picture. Close. Let your imagination run. I got the shot when I was taking a shot of the playbill…. Alas. The panty – thong line is not as sharply focused as we saw when we cringed. … you went out today wearing that?

The challenge – focus. I had to manually focus in order to get the object of my interest. It’s not a bad thing to take a picture. But the challenge was in the focus and contrast to illustrate what we had seen. Scary. Some folks are fashion blind.

Random scroll

When you scroll randomly thru your photo catalog it is easy to miss a shot. …then to go back and try to find what you just saw… hell!

Moon shot between the pillars of the inlet bridge. Don’t ask. We were obviously driving over the bridge. Neat! I got a shot! Yawn…!

The moon is over exposed and too centered. Really!? I’m going over the bridge in the middle of the night… I could have cropped and done all sorts of repairs in Photoshop. Lazy. Me. Out of the box or nuthin’ at all. No matter. Since I don’t throw anything away… this is worth thought and comment. It was a neat trick – this night shot.


Not! But tolerant, sort of. For a while Mozart the cat was a pariah shunned by all. He’s still not welcome with open arms. Group (cat) shots are tricky. No one is willing to pose for me. I just point and shoot and hope for the best. The picture is soft – as in soft focus. But, I got the eyes! Hey! Small victories are always appreciated. Eyes are the one enduring lesson of my early photographic failures. If you don’t get the eyes in focus….

So, my cats get along after a fashion. Pfewf! One less thing for me to worry about. Me worry? Colleen worries…


It ain’t easy. You can take one. Easy. But a good one? I took a bunch. Not quite dead on focus. But the importance was showing we were together. And close. There were lots of close but “no cigar” shots. ??? …we were standing too far apart or not smiling, yeah, you know how it goes. Selfies? Take a bunch, smile, and hope for the best. Winterthur just before the Xmas decorations (see tree) were about to come down. Gloomy day, 60 degrees, just about to rain – priceless if you are with the one you love and cherish!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Ha! I did not forget! What to say? A million dollar smile! True love. Colleen likes to grab me and exclaim, “Mine!” Yup! Priceless! Focus? Who cares? The sentiment is carried amply without being perfect. Is love ever? … I misplaced the darned card… but I know where the candy is.

Black cat

Midnight, the cat, is an only cat who prowls his house silently. I am always surprised by his presence as he appears out of nowhere to stare at me. In this case he was staring thru his cat door down the stairs at me. I was able to pull out my camera in time to capture the contrast. And I was lucky enough to get an image.

Black cat, try to get an image. There is very little contrast. Focus?…on the eyes. Yeah, good trick. Detail?…hardly. Hey! It’s not my cat!

New Trick

You cannot teach new tricks as you drive along. Do not try this at home!

I saw the sunrise behind us as we drove along. I could see it in our rear view mirrors. Colleen does not know how to manually focus my camera. I could not teach her on the fly. She tried. We failed…from her side mirror. I was a bit more successful from my side. It is a matter of knowing where you want the camera to focus and then doing it. Got it? simple!

It’s not as easy as it seems and Colleen is definitely not at fault. She simply had never tried to manually focus the camera. And I suppose she did not understand the subject at hand was the sunrise. Plus, the lighting was extreme contrast. And… You need a bit of experience. And luck! I got it from my side.

Three shots

… not one good. Disney. The location is clear from background. This is another memento, a family record documenting a fun time. The kids were cooperative. My camera failed me. The light was muted. I needed a slower shutter speed. Film! My f-stop was probably as large as the lens allowed. I was doomed to failure. Digital probably would have saved me. Film came in a single ISO. It was inflexible. I suppose I was lucky to get what I got. It is sadly dissatisfying now. But you can tell it is film and it denotes an era long past. iPhone would do so much better now. Film is dead. Long live film.


Creeping. I am slowly creeping in more than one photo…. Stop. I was stopped by these pics of Peas. Eyes! Focus on the eyes is good, it’s a good pic. It does not happen with ease. My cats rarely pose. They do not look at me. My camera has trouble finding their eyes. Sometimes I think it is simple luck to get the eyes in focus on the run. Yes, there are focus buttons and so forth on my big camera. Sports guys have been using this for years. Hey! It’s amateur here. And the cats have unpredictable motion. Yeah, try this one at home. Nonetheless once in a while I get lucky at home.

Helping out

Dawn. Great light. Maybe!? The right moment? Can my camera capture the moment as I see it? All good observations and questions.

Ok! The camera has trouble focusing upon clouds. No contrasting lines help to define a focus point. Set the focus point on the trees or something at the horizon. Exposure. The scene is dark and the meter tends toward overexposure. Metter the sky to increase the saturation of the morning color. Finally, cheat. Use Lightroom to increase vibrance and saturation. It might just look like what you saw at the critical moment.