The last shot…

Don’t overthink! This is the last shot in my catalog. … for right now. It won’t be the last for long. Things are an utter mess. Photos go missing in a heartbeat. I can’t find…. But then I do… find things. No matter how orderly I think I am, and, how careful, and how redundant, things go missing all the time. mistakes are made. Punctuation? Capital letters? Whatever? I lose stuff all the time. I try. Try?

Laugh and clap! I am old… older. Memory fades! I shall be at peace and worry less. By this very writing I am worrying. Oh gee! Darn! Etc etc.

Fun! Fun with food! It’s soft, not quite in focus. It’s fine. It will do. It is fit for my illustrative aim. It makes you giggle to see how puff pastry can look in an amateur baker’s hands. Mine! We ate it all up. The puffs were roundly admired. It’s easy to do. Maybe this might inspire you too? … to photograph, silly, not to bake. But if you like my recipe….

…Next shot please.

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