almost not quite

Hmm.. there should be a comma in the title? But just about right? Not quite. Ha! Words are funny that way. Or does it hinge on the punctuation to bring it to full flavor? What am I on about anyway?

Good focus on the eyes – Willow. Not quite focused – Nutley. Bird in flight – wrong position at the bird feeder. Woodpecker – not good, not bad.

I realize that the catalog has more discards than good shots. In my system I apply a label – one star, two stars, and upward. Mostly, it is no stars, at all.

Delete the discards. I have seen many a friend delete pics from their phone as they go. Decisive! But “no backs!” I am more circumspect. Hence, a clutter catalog….a very cluttered catalog. Can I bear to throw anything away? Marie Kondo!?! Almost, not quite

Push me pull you

Dr Doolittle – character

Whimsy, whimsical. I ran across this shot randomly looking in the catalog. It’s good to have choices other than something I just photographed the other day. I can look up where and when. Database? Or, the catalog and the surrounding pics give sufficient clue to know it was Scotland.

I photograph what I see. I edit later. And later after that, the picture may be worth a comment or laugh. Bewildered? Me too. But, it was enough to make me pause as I scrolled this morning searching for writing inspiration.


Subtle but different…

It makes all the difference. I know. You are rolling your eyes right now. Lessons. Again. Boring.

See the room. ?? A little bit more wall makes it look a lot less crowded. Huh? Convincing? Can you see what I am getting at?

Sometimes it really it too subtle to care. And at other times, there is a big change in changing perspective. What does the image convey, or, the photographer wish to convey? … the difference between ooo… and ah…


I hate it when Colleen changes things. Change in general? Ha ha! Anything goes. Colleen has free reign to change whatever she wishes. …mostly. She changed the coverlet. It is “loud.” Eh? Colorful! I got a shot of Peas lounging/sleeping upon it.

To convey the pageantry you need a wide angle shot….


I’m lazy. It’s why they have “telephoto.” Zoom in from afar. No walking. Easy.

Colleen wanted daffodils on the table. Heinous! Cut down a beautiful blossom?! Hey! They do it all the time.

Close-up, my specialty these days… but a bit tricky with the telephoto lens. Wide angle – the distortion can be neat. A lower camera angle is a bit less usual. Finally, getting out of the house, no glass window to distract or distort the shot…. Priceless!


Not! But tolerant, sort of. For a while Mozart the cat was a pariah shunned by all. He’s still not welcome with open arms. Group (cat) shots are tricky. No one is willing to pose for me. I just point and shoot and hope for the best. The picture is soft – as in soft focus. But, I got the eyes! Hey! Small victories are always appreciated. Eyes are the one enduring lesson of my early photographic failures. If you don’t get the eyes in focus….

So, my cats get along after a fashion. Pfewf! One less thing for me to worry about. Me worry? Colleen worries…


The lighting is dramatic highlighting the grass across the street. Great sidelight. Side? Back? I know… because the sun is directly to the left. Ha!

The point and shoot has an electronic zoom. ?? what do I know or care?! It shoots telephoto. I would never know how or why it is enhanced. Magic! Meanwhile, what I did not notice till editing the shot – there are tree branches distracting the foreground. This shot is otherwise a failure. Hey! What do you expect from a shot thru the window glass from across the street?


Everyday a “shot”… I take pictures everyday. I try. With few exceptions… Today. The full moon. Ah!

Shooting the moon is a challenge. It is bathed in full sun in a dark sky and dark neighborhood. That creates an extreme for the exposure meter for which there is no image because the meter fooled into taking measure of the darkness in the overall picture. Ah!! You say. But I am set on “auto” everything… including auto ISO. This means I have to go into the menu and find ISO and switch it to manual for the purpose of a moon shot. And when you do, you get a reasonable shot of the moon. I do not shoot the moon often so my auto ISO setting (so helpful for me) remains “auto” about 99.9% of the time. 


I am impressed. They built the building around the architectural finds that they purchased and shipped onto site from around the world. Stealing, loot, plunder? No, it was mostly ordinary money and negotiation in an era when big $$$ talked and meant something in the world. I daresay you would not get away in this day and age. Woke!!

Neat trick! They disassembled and brought over this church chapel, roof, windows, dome, and all… to these United States. They put it all together keeping in mind that the weather and elements would wreak havoc on the stone exterior… and so on and on and so forth… amazing! Elsewhere they brought in stone arches from ruins for the doorways and entrances. It’s neat and extraordinary in the planning. Me? I’m happy the car has gas and I can go for a while even though there is no destination in mind.

And so…how about ISO 22500. Huh? You know ISO and ASA? It is a system to:

ISO – in search of…

sensitivity to light – as it pertained to film – once upon a time…

ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light as it pertains to either film or a digital sensor. A lower ISO value means less sensitivity to light, while a higher ISO means more sensitivity.

It basically amounts to the idea that the sensor can almost see in the dark. A shot like this would have been virtually impossible in the film era. Or, there would have been a lot more than point, click, shoot involved. Even so my spiffy Nikon Z5 paused and balked at the low light. But… as with most things, I won. We got a shot.

Imagine taking apart a heavy stone chapel bit by bit by bit… To be sure the town’s folks objected. Negotiations ensued and money changed hands….


Lazy, I just sit at my desk… Colleen did the kitchen sink…. Grab shots. Grab, as in grab the camera, shoot, and hope for the best. Aren’t they all?

I wish the cats would pose as I see the image in my head… alas, they do not. You settle for what you can get.

My! What big eyes you have! It’s a trick to get a spider on its web. The subject is so small the camera sensor does not want to focus. It can be done manually… who uses manual nowadays? So, I spend more time tricking the sensor into believing… it is more trouble to find and adjust manual focus.

And the cats? They are getting along better. Hissing and batting paws is down in our house by at least 50%. That is improvement?!