Happy Anniversary

This is deeply disturbing to some folks – on many levels. (our) Happiness is obvious. Some folks wish it weren’t the case. Life is always complicated. They have come to terms… or at least are holding peace forever more as the vows say. We are happy. Can you believe it? We married before the pandemic hit. That’s a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of history, and much to ponder. We are deeply thankful all of our loved ones are ok.

So much has changed. And, so much remains the same. I feel so fortunate. Just when you think everything is alright… So far so good. It’s all good, right? It has been that “best” dream ever, that you don’t ever want to wake from. I dream a lot. This have been the best. Ever!! Happy Anniversary, dear.

Who took this? Was it with my remote? Or, did one of our small group trip the shutter? No matter. The image conveys the sentiment of the moment. A camera set on ‘auto’ everything comes to our rescue and captures the moment. Just aim and fire.

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