In goes the bad air…

… out comes the good air. No No No. You got it backwards as Colleen would admonish… It was a line from the Little Rascals series. Ha ha.

Snap shot, beach, Canon G7. Point and shoot, grab shot. Not too good a shot by my own ready criticism. There will be a real sentence here, eventually. Beach replenishment. Shhhh!!! It is the biggest (secret) waste of money (millions)!!! The beach washes away with big Nor’easter storms that batter the coast. Technically, we are below sea level. The gov’t comes in and puts it back. How? They pump sand from a mile out to sea onto the beach again. We may lose 10 feet or more. That is right! More than 10 feet deep sand/beach washed out to sea only to have our dear gov’t put is all back. Nuts! Not only that, children are starving. Shhhh! I live at the beach. We want a beach. It is still nuts! “Catch 22.”

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